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Sturdy, secure loft ladders

Make your loft space safe and easy to access by choosing our professional ladder installation.

Loft ladders

Using premium ladders

We offer aluminium loft ladders and wooden ladders. Wooden ladders come complete with a pre-insulated hatch and continuous seal to reduce heat loss. Our surveyor will recommend the most appropriate option for you, after inspecting and measuring your loft access space and surrounding area.



Following a professional process

Our installers will check that all the measurements are correct and that the ladder you’ve chosen will fit and operate correctly before they begin fitting it. Aluminium ladders don’t usually need any preparation work; wooden ladders will need some preparation as they are a complete unit connected to a drop-down hatch, which is usually larger than the standard size.

Qualified insulation company

By Viridian’s experts

We only use our own trained and certified specialists to professionally install your loft ladder – often as part of loft refurbishment projects, including loft insulation removal, installation of new, non-itch insulation and loft boarding.

Read our blog or visit the Viridian Facebook page to learn more about making your loft a better place!

Essentials & Extras

Loft insulation roll

Loft insulation

Save energy and keep heat in for longer: we fit 270mm-deep insulation using low-dust, non-itch, 80% recycled material that lasts for decades.

Loft cleaning

Reclaim and transform a dusty and dirty ‘no-go’ loft area with our brush-down and vacuum service.

Loft boarding

Maximise your storage by using valuable space in your loft. We’ll carry out secure loft boarding for you – just add it to your order.