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Man vacuuming loft and removing dust and cobwebs.

Why loft cleaning?

Turn your dusty and dirty no-go area into a valuable storage space with our brush-down and vacuum service.

Loft cleaning

Man vacuuming out loft and removing dust and cobwebs.

Getting rid of the dust, dirt and cobwebs

Some lofts are simply too dusty and dirty to even consider getting into, let alone using them for storing treasured or important items.

Loft cleaning is one of several services we offer to improve your loft area and make it more suitable for storage, usually as preparation for the installation of modern non-itch insulation. This is normally carried out after old loft insulation has been removed (removing dust and soot from existing insulation material would be extremely difficult!). Adding a new layer of insulation on top of old may help to trap dust in, but we can’t guarantee it.

Man vacuuming out loft.

Following a professional process

We start by removing the old insulation, which will be bagged before it’s carried down from the loft area to make sure that dust and fibres aren’t transferred to anywhere else on its way out of your property. We then brush down the loft, starting at the highest point, followed by a thorough vacuuming to remove the dust and debris.

Qualified insulation company

By Viridian’s insulation experts

We only use our own trained and certified specialists to professionally clean your loft space – often as part of loft refurbishment projects, including loft insulation removal, installation of new, non-itch insulation and loft boarding

We operate in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Greater London and offer bespoke, professional services that add value to your home.

Read our blog or visit the Viridian Facebook page to learn more about getting the best from your loft space.

Essentials & Extras

Man holding up a roll of loft insulation.

Loft insulation

Save energy and keep heat in for longer: we fit 270mm-deep insulation using low-dust, non-itch, 80% recycled material that lasts for decades.

Man putting away old dirty loft insulation in a bag.

Loft insulation removal

Have your old loft insulation professionally removed and disposed of, clearing the way for replacement with modern materials.

Man carefully holding loft board up.

Loft boarding

Maximise your storage by using the valuable space in your loft. We’ll carry out secure loft boarding for you – just add it to your order.