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Man rolling up old dirty insulation.

Want your dusty, itchy old loft insulation gone?

We’ll remove it and dispose of it properly for you, ready for a loft space transformation or household repairs.

Loft insulation removal

Man conducting a survey.

Checking what needs to be done

Loft insulation is removed for all kinds of reasons, such as:

  • Investigating and resolving a roof leak, damp or vermin problem
  • Preparation for a replacement with a modern non-itch product
  • To enable repairs and property maintenance

Our surveyor will be in touch to arrange a visit, so they can find out more and check the condition of the existing insulation material.

Man putting down staircase coverage before old insulation is carried down from from the loft.

Following a professional process

Before we start work, we will prepare a pathway to your loft hatch by protecting your floor coverings.

The team will then begin the process of removing the loft insulation and placing it in sacks ready for safe removal from the loft. They will also, where possible, remove insulation from the eaves and ensure air flow is maintained within the loft space.

Qualified insulation company

By Viridian’s insulation experts

We only use our own trained and certified specialists to professionally extract and dispose of your old loft insulation. This procedure is often combined with other services, such as loft cleaning and the installation of new, non-itch insulation.

We operate in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Greater London and offer bespoke, professional services that add value to your home.

Read our blog or visit the Viridian Facebook page to learn more about the benefits of insulation, what we do and how we work.

Watch our loft insulation removal video!

Essentials & Extras

Man holding up a roll of loft insulation.

Loft insulation

Save energy and keep heat in for longer: we fit 270mm-deep insulation using low-dust, non-itch, 80% recycled material that lasts for decades.

Man carefully holding loft board up.

Loft boarding

Maximise your storage by using valuable space in your loft. We’ll carry out secure loft boarding for you – just add it to your order.

Man vacuuming loft and removing dust and cobwebs.

Loft cleaning

If you want to reclaim and transform a dusty and dirty ‘no-go’ loft area, take advantage of our brush-down and vacuum service.