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How much does home insulation impact your surroundings?

People often overlook how important home insulation is to sustainable living. Beyond the comfort it provides, let’s delve into the eco-friendly side of insulating your home and how your decisions can contribute to a greener future.

Environmental impact of home insulation in the UK

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Conserve your energy at home

Installing home insulation prevents energy waste both in summer and winter. By regulating indoor temperatures, you don’t need to rely on your heating or air conditioning as much. This means that you consume less energy, which lowers your carbon footprint and contributes to a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Minimise your carbon emissions

A well-insulated home requires less energy for heating and cooling, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, living in the UK means we tend to use a lot of energy, even in summer, making effective insulation essential for every building. Your decision to insulate your home not only benefits the global environment but also improves the air you breathe.

Your choice of insulation materials matters

Modern insulation materials often include eco-friendly options such as recycled or recyclable materials. By choosing Viridian, your loft can benefit from having insulation made of up to 80% recycled materials. We use low-dust insulation that is extremely soft and non-itch, long-lasting, and non-combustible. For your cavity walls, we use a non-combustible, durable, and rot-proof product that has no chemical additives, making it ideal for long-term sustainability.

Contribute to the climate change you want to see

Maintaining stable indoor temperatures through insulation positively impacts the natural environment around your property. Wildlife and local ecosystems can benefit from reduced energy use and the mitigation of temperature extremes, contributing to the preservation of all the biodiversity of our surroundings.

Three things you can do right now:

  1. Contact us to see if you qualify for an insulation grant.
  2. Check out our energy saving tips for practical ways to save energy (good for your bills and for the environment).
  3. Book a free no-obligation survey to have your home insulation checked by one of our professional surveyors.