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Guaranteed for peace of mind

Our 25-year cavity wall insulation guarantee is independently backed by the IAA.

25-year cavity wall insulation guarantee

Undertaking due diligence

Once your free survey is complete, providing your property meets the standard required for install cavity wall insulation, we will send your survey to be checked by the IAA, the independent guarantee provider.

Both the 25-year guarantee and industry best practice require wall cavities to be clean and clear before insulation is installed. So we may need to undertake preparation work, such as cavity wall cleaning or cavity wall insulation removal to make sure that you don’t encounter problems with the installation in the future.

Once your survey has been checked and accepted (which usually takes around 1 day), we can get on with installing your insulation.



After the installation

If you have any concerns about your cavity wall insulation after the work has been completed, please contact us as soon as possible (ideally, in writing for your own records), and we will rectify any defects free of charge.

If you are still not satisfied with the work we have carried out for you, you can contact the IAA, the independent guarantee provider, who will investigate your concerns free of charge.

Terms of the guarantee

The 25-year guarantee applies only to the areas where we have installed cavity wall insulation for you.

  • The property must be fully maintained following the installation.
  • Any post-installation recommendations listed within the survey report or by the surveyor must be completed and evidence of completion must be retained.
  • The guarantee will be invalidated if the installation has been subject to misuse or negligence, or if it has been altered, repaired, modified, tampered with or disturbed after the installation was completed.

The full details of the terms will be listed on the guarantee.

Important: For previous owners of an existing, unexpired 25-year CIGA guarantee who have had building, refurbishment or amendment works completed at their property, which have directly impacted the effectiveness of the old insulation material, will not be eligible for a renewed IAA guarantee even if we fully carry out your works. However, Viridian will arrange an alternative insurance backed 25-year guarantee for you. 

Essentials & Extras

Cavity wall insulation wrapped and unwrapped

Cavity wall insulation

Save energy and keep your valuable heat in for longer. Our cavity wall insulation is always installed by our own trained and certified installers.

Brick removed by allsaw

Cavity wall cleaning

Cavity wall cleaning should be part of any house maintenance routine, and is essential for preparing cavity walls for insulation.

Man carrying out cavity wall insulation removal.

Cavity insulation removal

Our insulation experts can safely extract and remove existing insulation material.